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The AMA Insurance Supplemental Health Insurance Program is a suite of insurance policies designed by ArmadaCare and underwritten by Sirius America Insurance Company. It includes unique plans that boost coverage for routine, elective and unexpected healthcare expenses, including mental health. There’s a range of coverages and price points, offering advantages for various physician practice sizes:

  • Small practices: Tax-efficient* way to boost health insurance coverage for yourself (and other physicians, if applicable).
  • Larger practices: Tool to retain, recruit and reward physicians and other key talent.

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Various Plan Options

The AMA Insurance Supplemental Health Insurance program includes various plan options with different coverage types and levels. For example, Ultimate Health offers the broadest range of coverage. WellPak focuses on mental health coverage and access to coaching, counseling and more. Complete the form or contact us to learn what plan options are right for you.


Benefits with far-reaching value

Do you need a way to control your practice’s overall healthcare benefit costs without sacrificing the coverage you deserve personally? The program’s premier product, Ultimate Health, is designed to help you accomplish that and more. Unlike with group primary health insurance plans, you decide who to enroll.

Boost Health Coverage

Enjoy coverage for out-of-pocket medical expenses, dental, vision and even items not covered by primary health insurance plans like elective executive physicals, LASIK, prescribed massage therapy and chiropractic care.

Leverage Tax Efficiency

Gain a more tax-efficient way to pay for your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.* Plus, give more and pay less than a comparable bonus for your key people.

Keep Key Talent

Create a robust benefit structure that can drive a culture of loyalty, which in turn can help reduce turnover and foster productivity.

Support Mental Health

Address stress and mental health with confidential behavioral health resources, with the Connect & Thrive program.


Types of coverage you deserve

Ultimate Health offers coverage for a broad range of expenses. It not only picks up where a primary health insurance plan leaves off but expands and enhances coverage to eliminate the frustrations and distractions that typically accompany primary health insurance plans as shown here:

Contact us to learn about Ultimate Health and our other plans that may be right for you.

Offering an unparalleled experience

The AMA Insurance Supplemental Health Insurance Program has been built by ArmadaCare with you in mind. ArmadaCare offers hassle-free administration and the best possible member experience.

Support Services

Having the right support can mean less time away from your practice. Ask about the confidential behavioral health resources to help address stress and mental health.

Benefit Compatibility

No need to change your existing benefits. These supplemental plans work with any type of primary health insurance plan.

Turn-Key Onboarding

ArmadaCare provides live and on-demand presentations for members, spouses and assistants along with user-friendly educational materials.

People-First Service

ArmadaCare’s award-winning approach to service is unheard of in the insurance industry, which is why our customer satisfaction scores rank alongside leading consumer brands.

Easy Claims Filing

Modern conveniences like ArmadaCare’s claims portal and mobile app allow for quick and easy online claim submission and management.

Fast Claims Payment

The claims payment process is handled directly between ArmadaCare and those insured allowing for a quick turnaround.


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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few common questions we receive from physician practices. If your question isn’t listed, please contact us at 1-866-956-4471 or amainsure@armadacare.com.

ArmadaCare’s supplemental health insurance plans are compatible with various types of primary health insurance plans, including HDHPs. Ask for details.

As the employer, a physician practice can decide which employees to enroll. The enrollment minimums vary by plan. To learn more, please contact a product expert at 1-866-956-4471 or amainsure@armadacare.com.

These plans are dynamically underwritten based on the census; no medical underwriting is required. For a pricing proposal, contact a product expert at 1-866-956-4471 or amainsure@armadacare.com.

ArmadaCare’s plans are group insurance plans so the policyholder must be an employer. With that said, select employee populations (for example, just physicians) can be enrolled. For specifics about what is available for your practice, please contact a product expert at 1-866-956-4471 or amainsure@armadacare.com.

ArmadaCare offers a range of plans, including the AMA Insurance Supplemental Health Insurance Program. For specifics about what is available in your state, please contact a product expert at 1-866-956-4471 or amainsure@armadacare.com.

ArmadaCare is a leading insurance program manager with over 18 years serving large and small companies across the country. AMA Insurance Agency, Inc. is collaborating with ArmadaCare to bring physician practices exclusive access to specialized benefits and services.

ArmadaCare’s supplemental health insurance plans are fully insured and backed by the insurance carrier Sirius America Insurance Company, which has a financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) from AM Best, S&P and Fitch.